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Home Security

Making Your Home Safer – 5 Simple Step

There is nothing more important than feeling safe in your own home. Personal safety and the security of valuable possessions is the main concern of most people. Yet most people don’t take home security as seriously as they should, which is surprising as the FBI estimates that there is a burglary every 15.4 seconds in the US. So, how can you secure your home? And why should you spend on security?

Why Spend on Security?


The main reason for spending on security is just that; to secure your property. Imagine the cost of repairing damaged doors/windows, replacing stolen items, increased insurance costs and the damage to you and your family’s mental health. Then imagine the cost of improving your home security. There’s one clear winner.


The harder it looks to break in, the less likely it is that someone will try. Making your security measures visible and evident will minimise the likelihood of burglary.


The better your security, the less you will have to spend on insurance. Many security products are approved and recognised by insurance institutions which means you will make a significant saving.

Adds Value

Home security systems add value to your home. Even a few basic measures such as alarms and locks will make increase the worth of your home.

Peace of mind

Knowing that you have a comprehensive home security system in palace gives you ultimate peace of mind. Your property is safe and, more importantly, so is your family.

So now you know why you need security, what can you do?

5 Steps to Home Security


Window and doors are the most obvious access points for intruders. Securing them with proper locks is a simple and inexpensive way of greatly increasing your home security. Ground floor windows and doors are the bare minimum when it comes to installing AND actually using strong locks. Front and back doors require at least two locks with the addition of a dead bolt.


Along with locks, alarms are the staple of home security. They tell you and others when an unwanted guest has arrived. Moreover, when clearly displayed on the exterior of your property, they are a clear warning sign to burglars that the home is protected. CCTV will also tell burglars that you take security seriously. And if they still go for it you stand a much greater chance of convicting them.

Security Grilles

Installing security grilles is a great addition to your home security. They act as a physical and psychological barrier between intruders and your possessions. Ground floor window are the most important place to install robust security grilles and external glass doors should also be enforced with a grille. Not only do they make criminals think twice about attempting to break in, but if the criminal is stupid enough to attempt it they will most likely fail and give up or get caught in the act.


When it comes to deterring criminals nothing is more effective than fences and gates around your property. They make getting in and out much harder. Like grilles, they put a physical barrier between your property and would-be criminals. Even small fences make intruders think twice as they will hamper a quick getaway.

Secure Garage/Outdoor Lights

Around 10% of intruders enter through a garage. One major reason that garages are a major target for burglars is that it’s more than likely there is a vehicle inside. Garages also lead directly into you home and your valuables. They are often left open and unlocked which invites opportunists into your home to take what they want. A proper garage door is a must have and ensuring that it’s locked when you are out and at night could save your property. Outdoor lighting, both in front of your garage and at the back of your property, will also deter intruders.

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